Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rear passenger wheel is turning in

The passenger rear tire seems to be locking up and skidding across the ground, and then it will release and turn with resistance for a short while and then lock up again. It only seems to do so when turning. 

if you fully turn the wheel in either direction, you have to apply about 2500 rpms before it will start to move, 

  • it may be the differential or the spider gears slipping or sticking

 the sticking is supposed to happen in 4WD, and because of it being on pavement that is causing the clunk noise and the sticking.

  • check the hand brake cable for being stuck in the applied position.

1.wheel hitting something.
2.brake frozen.
3.wheel bearing worn out.

It's  possible that the differential has locked up, other symptoms, like leaking differential oil with metal shavings in it.

More likely culprits are either a seized up wheel bearing or a severely stuck brake caliper.

Take the wheel off and take a look. Also see if there is any leakage under the differential.

If you smell grease, the bearing is bad. If you smell "burnt clutch", you have a brake issue.

Also inspect emergency brake spring and brake shoe condition.

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