Friday, April 5, 2013

jaguar s-type engine light on restricted performance

Dash says restricted performance Jaguar s-type

Vehicle Details:
Make: Jaguar
Model: S-Type
Year: 2003
Engine: v-8

Expert's Reply:

I suggest To Get The Vehicle Scanned For Error Codes.


Got scaned it with a portable scaner it came back fuel trim problem

codes P0171 and or P0174 for bank 1 and/or bank 2 lean?
Also Code P1000

I recently put in a fuel injector cleaner w/intake valve cleaner from Valvoline into the tank of my 2003 jaguar s type for the first time. Later that same day, I received a "restricted performance" light on my dash. 

Expert's Reply:

The P1000 just means that the car hasn't finished its system readiness checks. It can't be cleared. After a while it will change to P1111, which means that the system readiness checks have been completed and all is well. These codes are nothing to worry about and one or the other will always be there. Because you cleared all the codes, it would clear P1111 as well and have to start the checks over again giving you the P1000. 

The P0171 means Bank 1 is running lean. Can be caused by different things like fuel injectors problem, fuel filter problem, misfire, MAF sensor fault to name a few. Whether or not it is related to the fuel cleaner I don't know. Could be that using that loosened up some stuff and plugged the filter, or it could be something else completely unrelated. I've used fuel injector cleaner on my STR and didn't have any trouble.

Ok those lean codes are usually caused by the air flow meter sensor on the air cleaner housing. It may also be a vacuum leak. If this is a super charged engine there are issues with the intake seals leaking. If this is not super charged it still can be a leak. Pull up on the oil dip stick and make sure there is an o-ring seal on the top of it. Then remove the engine cover and give the vacuum lines a visual check. Lastly make sure the air tube going to the throttle is not loose.

Any Other Things To Check:

We will need to either check the system with smoke or use carb cleaner and monitor the fuel trims. Since specialty equipment is needed to do this it may be difficult to do yourself. Some other places we find vacuum leaks is with the breather valve on the passenger side valve cover and the back of the intake where there is a plate. If there are no leaks I suspect a faulty mass air flow sensor.

This details will help.

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