Friday, April 5, 2013

Lincoln power window won't go up

Power Window Will Not Go Up

Few common and most possible  possibilities for this problem are:

Bad motor, bad window regulator, or a bad switch.

How To Confirm This Issue?

  • The best way to tell if the switch is working is to use a test light. You can either pop out the trim piece on the door with the switch and check for power on the proper wire. 

  • One wire will show positive voltage with the switch in the up position and the other wire will be positive with the switch in the down position. 

  • The best thing though is to take off the door panel and use the test light right on the window motor electrical connector to make sure power is getting there in both the up and down positions of the switch. 

  • If one of the terminals gets power with the switch in the down position, then the other terminal should get power with the switch in the up position. 

  • If you are getting power down, but not up then you have a bad switch. If you have power to both up and down then the motor is at fault. 
Many a times you replace the motor but still problem exists, on that cases the issue is with faulty regulator.Or the new motor you got is bad stock motor.Get the motor confirmed.
  • You must also make sure that the regulator is not bound or seized causing the motor to not be able to take the window back up.

We usually replace the regulator because the cables will get all twisted up and it is nearly impossible to re-wind them.

 If the cables where twisted, would that not stop the motor from running? 

The motor will continue to run if the cables are out of place.  There is a plastic guide on the regulator and the cable will come off of the track.  Then the motor will run until the cable finally gets tightened enough to stop the motor.

But if you can get the window all the way up.  Twisted cables usually bind the motor and you'll hear the sound of crunching as the cables get all tangled up.  Best possible way is to pull the door panel and inspect the regulator.  If the regulator looks good, the motor needs a ball kit.

This will help.

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