Saturday, May 25, 2013

Whistle noise from engine

Car whistling noise

Problems Noticed By Customers Like 

  • Annoying whining/whistling sound from engine area.
  • Whistling noise from engine.
  • Whistling engine noise.
  • Whistling noise somewhere from the engine bay.
  • Engine whistle noise at idle.
  • Engine whistle noise problem.
  • Whistling noise coming from the engine and the check engine light is on, not blinking.
As soon as the engine gets warm it starts to make a whistle noise and after like 30 min the noise disappears.

  • If the check engine light is ON then get the vehicle scanned and see if the error core is stored in ECM. If yes then that error code will point out the possible fault.
  • Also you can get the smoke test done in the intake to confirm the problem.
  • Another thing that can be tried is ,use the stethoscope to hear the exact area of noise.Whether its from engine or outside engine.
  • It is easy enough to determine if the noise is in the engine or coming from an accessory. The belts can be removed and then the engine ran, if the noise is still there then it's in the engine.
  • If the noise is coming from inside the engine then it's most likely coming from the water pump. The water pump is in the center of the engine in the front and runs off the timing chain. 
  • The bearings in the pump can fail and make noise, and I've actually seen quite a few 2.7 water pumps that had a squeal like noise coming from the seal.

On many vehicles its noticed that when its hot sunny day the engine and other components gets hot and the noise is there much longer and gets more louder.

On the vehicles I've seen with water pump seal noise it has always been worse with the engine hot.


  • It might be a belt or maybe a clamp on your exhaust is loose. At our auto repair garage a customers car used to make a terrible squealing noise when hit the brakes and it was exhaust.
  • Open the hood of the car and listen where its coming from and if its from a belt check for any cracks or signs of wear it could be old or a pulley that needs lubricated. If serpentine belt looks dried up,apply silicon spray on it to lubricate it.
  • On some vehicle models problem was with the air intake tube or boot, likely a crack or a loose connection.
  • On some car models it was Vacuum leak related problem.Check your intake boots and CCV hoses. Low throttle is when the engine has the highest vacuum, so the whistling is likely engine air entering the engine somewhere unmetered. Left alone, eventually will cause a check engine light.Also it can be intake elbow cracked underneath. Look in all the bends carefully.
This details will help.

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