Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Throttle Cable Recall on Dodge Durango

Chrysler Recall Issue 

Vehicle Got Rusted:

2004 Chryser Dodge Durango SLT.

  • Rust at -passenger corner of rear tailgate door in about 6 inches almost gone and rust above license plate. 
  • Drivers side rear panel below gas cap 4 inch area rusted through. 
  • Spots quarter sized on hood surface rust. I just bought the car used at auction; I am a dealer. 
After adding fuel injector cleaner to full tank of gas and went on highway WOT. The throttle stuck at WOT and when I put it in neutral the engine over-revved and was about to blow.
I had to stomp on brakes for all I was worth and apply emergency brake to come to a stop and shut truck off. All 4 brakes were smoking hot so I imagine I warped rotors.

Factory recall for 2004 throttler cable. I hope the dealer fixes that for free. I'm going to call Chrysler.

Troubleshooting Solution For This Problem:

Recall Issue:
There was a recall on the throttle cables on some vehicles, recall D02. If this vehicle was covered under the recall and it has not yet been performed then they'll be able to replace the cable for free.

Cool Temperature Issue:
Are you in an area where the temperatures are still below freezing? The recall was for water ingestion into the throttle cable which would cause the water to freeze inside the cable and it could then stick. If the cable was frozen when it stuck then the event would be considered recall related and there is a chance that Chrysler could get involved in a brake repair if one is needed. The dealer would have to contact the corporation and get them involved, Chrysler would be ones to make any decision regarding that.

Going To Chrysler Dealership:

Chrysler may participate in repairing the rust if it is deemed that it was caused by an issue with the paint itself. Again the corporation is who deals with all paint issues and makes those decisions. Ask them to look at the paint when you bring it to the dealer, they can determine by looking at it whether it may fit the criteria for possible coverage. If they think it may be covered then they can start the approval process.

This Details Will Help.

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